Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Advice of My Students

I thought this was a cute, so I wanted to share it.

Yesterday I was telling one of my classes about our final project. I was asking them if they every make their own videos and if so, how they get their materials. Some of them said that they have made their own videos (one student even offered to make my video for me). After a few minutes of discussion we stared talking about ways to download music and video. Almost every one of my students agreed that I should just download whatever I could find whether it was legal to do so or not. I told them that they needed to know that illegal downloading was illegal and that they needed to adhere to copyright laws. They laughed at me and told me that it wasn't illegal until they got caught and that I should just take their advice.

At that point I laughed, thanked them for their advice, and moved on to our lesson for the day.

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Laurence said...

you may want to inform them that their parents go to jail if they get caught!
I came up with an analogy:
if you see your neighbor's dog walking down the street and you decide to take him home and keep him (and not return him) you are stealing from someone else. That is what they are doing!
now, kids in my school look at me and yell" don't steal the dog!".
Every time I use clipart, they ask me where i got it.