Sunday, December 7, 2008

Pinnacle Studio

Oh My God!!!
I am so annoyed. My fiance brought home the COOLEST video editing program. I wish I had it 2 months ago! The options in this program are Movie Maker/iMovie + 100!
There is a photo album option that turns the photo album with your pictures in there. There are sound effects, and the templates are gorgeous. Let's not forget that you can make a sleeve for your CD case...oh and it converts it to DVD format!!!!!
I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to keep doing these movies.
Obviously MovieMaker and iMovie are more readily available in schools, but WOW is Pinnacle amazing.


Christina L. said...

It sounds like such a great program to own! If only you had that months ago, you could have given us all a copy to use (j/k, don't wanna go against copyrightlaws!)

Cindy Figgs said...

Oh wow... Im sure whatever you have is wonderful....
I recently deleted what I was working on... and started all over again. I had used Moviemaker, but now am using IMOVIE. I love it!

Colin and/or Michele said...

I am sooo going to try this out over the winter break!

Cindy--that was a radical move, deleting your entire project and starting over! But a really good idea to try out different software--some people do seem to "click" better with iMovie than with WMM, and vice versa. And that's a good thing to keep in mind when working with our students, too.