Friday, October 31, 2008

Update on Emergency

I have tried using teo computers. They both do not have access to the edit section on the web. I cannot do my wiki I need to have access to that edit section b/c the computer that I'm using want grant me access. Do you have any suggestions, I've tried everything.

I have an Emergency

Ladies, I have been trying to continue to remix my wiki assgnmt, however i cannot remix my idea, b/c i can't find the edit box on top of the newlitts page. can you please help so I can put in my information asap. Thanks for you assistance.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Wiki Deadline Question

I know both wikis are due Nov. 1.. Do they need to be on the site by the time class starts or as long as they're posted sometime during the day is it ok? I'm been having computer trouble with my remix of Jon Callow - movie maker keeps freezing on me before I can save my work!! Just wondering when our deadline is.. Thanks!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wiki Hide and Seek!!

Hi ladies its Madison,

I have a question, I posted a wiki assignment tonight, however, i am unable to review the post. i saw once "recent uploads" but i cannot find that tab again....
Can you please tell me if you are able to see the post or explain how i can review the uploaded post.

Thank you so much !!!!!!


New Literacies

I went to a workshop today. The workshop was about literacy and technology.It was so interesting that I thought I 'd share these informations with you.  They spoke about  how literacy is more than opening a book. The new literacies include media and technology. The presenters discuss how teachers can use technology as a tool in their classrooms to  address learners need and reach the curriculum goals. They also gave us a website to read some more about it. This website can be pretty helpful to teachers. The website is read all about it and tell me what do you think.Kate 

Wall Street Journal- Google

Today in the Wall Street Jounal, there was a really interesting article about google and a settlement made with book publishers. A sweeping $125 million settlement between Google Inc. and the publishing industry made it possible for Google to make many millions of digital books available on the Web. With this they will make payments to authors for the ability to post their work. If approved by a federal court, the deal, struck after two years of negotiations, will let individuals and institutions buy online access to copyrighted, out-of-print works through Google, and will provide free online views of them at public libraries. To have them available, titles that are still in print will be available only if publishers and authors agree to include them. This is a revelation that brings technology and literacy to the next level. To be able to view the books online will enhance the opportunity of those in the Second Life who have their discussion groups. With the millions of people who use the Google applications, this is now another way to use Google to enhance the way we learn and live. I think it is great to be able to access so many titles without having to go to the book store.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Wiki Assignment #1

I read, "As I see it- intergrating viewing across the curriculum." from the web site. It was quite interesting to find out how children may view images and photographs in their curriculum. Children may need the teacher to present some affective tools to help facilitate children's learning and analytical understanding of a image. For example, in this wiki there was a man who was posing with a mask around his face, his left leg was out strecthed and his right leg was stretched out in back of him, he had a colorful boutique of flowers and his left hand was pointing out as if he was going to throw the flowers at something in an aggressive stance. This showed us the visual literacy in cross-curriculum contexts.The compositional image lets us believe that the image of this man being angry or aggressive can be factual because throwing colorful flowers doesn't fit our contextual and cultural knowledge to understand what meaning this visual may bring. Lastly, the critical reading of this image allows us to question the integrity of the artist and the furtherance of the place of street art in our culture and so on? I liked the guided view that the teacher could add the five sense approach to help navigate/facilitate the children's visual, auditory and kinestitic learning with the questions asked. I would use the same approach or add classsical music to the australian parliament painting and forest/jungle music so my 4year old children can identify with this lesson. There were a few grammatical errors. However, I can somewhat visualize the guided viewing: context and empathy "The Arrival!" I lived in Jersey City all of life and my family and I every year rode of the ferry to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It is Beautiful in both places to see the pictures at the museum of the immigrants. History still speaks through pictures and field trips for my children to be able to make actual connections to past times. I could allow my children to paint pictures on the computer to make their own painting so that they would be able to describe their artwork. I could google the artist name and print picture out to allow the children to cut and paste and learn to write about the author providing short background information. Then given their reaction to the topic. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THIS? Also, How do I edit this wiki online. I can't fing edit like I did on saturday?

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers

As mentioned in class on saturday, I'm pasting the link to the Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines for Teachers. It's a great summary of what we, as educators, can do.
Hope it helps.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Cool Website

Hi guys
My students have been creating noun menus in my English class.  They have been using the lap tops everyday to create their own restaurant.  (then, they identify certain nouns)  They showed me a cool website to make a collage.  You have to register, but this site is totally free.
Here is the website 
Say you are making a collage with different types of food.  You actually drag the pictures you want into a blank frame and lay the pictures however you want.  Then you print from this same webpage too.  The students have been creating some great covers for their projects!
Maybe you can use this in your classroom or maybe for a fun project for yourself!
Dear friends,

  While navigating on the net I came across this site on podcasting.I thought that it was quiet interesting and helpful. Take a look at it.. Go to Kate

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Further to our Web 2.0 chat today

Interestingly, Wikipedia has developed a free resource--known as Wikipedia Selection-- specifically for schools to use. It is fully downloadable, which means once it's downloaded, you can use it without having to access the internet.

accoridng to the blurb, Wikipedia Selection

has about 5500 articles (as much as can be fitted on a DVD with good size images) and is about the size of a twenty volume encyclopaedia (34,000 images and 20 million words).


Wikipedia is not necessarily a childsafe environment, has "adult" content. This selection of topics have been carefully chosen, tidied up, and checked for vandalism and suitability (by SOS Children volunteers, whom we gratefully acknowledge).


Hi guys! Here's the website where you can download CamStudio which is a screen recording software. It's pretty neat because you can record anything you do on your computer.

Book Trailer

A really cool way to get kids to be creative after they've read a book.
Try having them make a Book Trailer. Basically, they have to create a trailer advertising a book, as if it was "coming soon".
Go to Youtube and type in: Book Trailer (add for kids, children, etc...).
The ones made by kids are really neat.

Hello everyone,
A cool website is

Technically it's an online whiteboard, but you can use it as a brainstorming tool.
Basically, you can invite users who are online (on a computer in the classroom works as long as they can get out to the internet) , and everyone can edit the "white board" at once.

Cool activity that encourages writing. I saw this in action with a Smartboard, it was really neat.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Hey Guys:

Dr. Knobel sent me this link for VOICETHREAD.COM and I think it is a really neat concept. Sounds like a great way to expand your ideas and become extremely interactive. Its like taking blogging to the next level, where you can invite people and use different means of communication. You can write, speak, text, etc.

Definitely, go to the site and play around with the different demonstrations and let me know if you find any other cool stuff.

Lindsay Zweibel

In readiness for tomorrow

Some examples of Mindset 1 at work in education:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I do apologize Ladies you know I am just finishing chapters 1-3 honestly. It was a challenge for me to understand the jargon of this txt. I am requesting that you all give me some clarity and insights to my thoughts about the readings. In Chpt 1 - I realize Literacy has shifted from the txt books too digital. In other words, people are learning reading and writing with the computer rather than early on literacy readiness. What is PEDAGOGY?Literacy is considered "NEW"
There are 3 dimensions of learning and practice the operational dimensions is the language aspect of literacy along with competence tools, procedures and techniques. What is the relevance? The cultural dimension involves competence with the meaning of social practices. I guess it means knowing the rightand wrong time of reading and writing and critical dimension they include values, purposes, rules, standards and perspectives and exclude others. i feel like I'm not that socialized in the "new" literacy very well to be able to make the connection of the language to the digital. I understand Discourses means the ways we communicate in various places through digital. Am I right???I am learning to get aqauinted or digital friendly to the internet, wiki not quite and searching the net for theses class.What is ontological? is it new lietracies, new stuff, nature of what? I see I can use by texting, images, sounds and movies and so on. What about it?

chpt 2- What is mindset 1 and 2 What is the difference??????Can you explain how many bites should I have on my cell phone or computer PC? Also what is the necessity of bites?I realize cyberspace is anything too do wityh the internet. what is book space? I realized tonite I can go to some of these web addresses to get pics, voice thread, animation "fanfic". i have gone to soome sights just need to know how to remix and movie make. i believe I have to learn how to multitask on the net and bring it all together to create what I want.

Chpt 3- what is encoded text?Podcasting is recording a person a song etc but i got confuse abt how to store the files?????? how do iremix? am i blogging my info abt a weblog or sit? i.e. rebecca black? what is new ethos? not qite clear..

Pray for me as I read chpt 4 & 5 on friday. i will have questions ready on sat. thanks dn't kill me. lol

Participating as reviewers

Hey, I need a favor from y'all. A middle school teacher, Tracy T., has been working with her Grade 6, 7 and 8 students and a range of new literacies in her "Extreme Reading" program. Part of this program includes a rich set of spoken and illustrated poems created by the students themselves. A key component of putting one's work "out there" on the internet is having others' read and respond to it (see Jessica's fanfic and reviewer comment etc.). If you have time, I'd really appreciate you reading one or two of the poems and leaving good substantive feedback (beyond the "Wow. so cool!" type). You'll see I've been leaving some comments myself which I've actually modelled on the kinds of reviews people write for fanfics on

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Second Life(ing) around

Hi ladies, in research of wiki project i saw this and thought i share with you all.. With all the stesssssssss of the upcoming i need this laugh.

Happy Early Halloween. From Second Life

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Problem

Well, I have video footage and I was all set to upload this onto my Macbook.  However, I heard from some people that imovie does not recognize the Sony easycam. GREAT...just wanted I wanted to hear!  Now, I am very frustrated. So, I decided to call AppleCare.  They also said that imovie does not recognize some Sony cameras.  Back to the drawing board.  Did anyone use a Sony video camera for their project? Any advice...

converting files

I created a video animation through Alice and want to convert the file to add it to my final video. I tried, but it didn't recognize the file type. Does anyone have any idea what I can do?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

ADP Center

Hey Everyone,

So I went to the ADP Center like Professor Knobel suggested and the staff was awesome. They have a scanner you can use to scan pictures if you don't have the negatives to put them on a CD. They also changed my videotapes into DVDs. You do not have to pay for this, but you have to supply the DVDs. The center prefers DVD-R, which are sold in the bookstore. It may also take up to 48 hours.

I am glad this problem is sold, but here is my next issue. In order to edit these DVDS, do I use Moviemakers? I have to save them as .wav, right?

Thanks everyone!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wiki advise again??

Hi ladies....question.. I just wanted to make sure we are Remixing the "Contributing Authors" from the recommended list correct???

Wiki ???

hey ladies... how are your wiki assignments coming along. has anyone begin to WIKI???

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Website to download from youtube?

Hey guys,

 I was wondering if someone could post the web address that Dr. Knobel gave us which allows us to download youtube clips.  I wrote it down and can't seem to find it.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Wiki- question for Jessica

Hi Jessica
I was looking at your wiki.  I don't understand why parts of your text are in a box and other parts are outside of the box?? I hope this question makes sense.  I think I am missing a major part to this wiki assignment.  I never ever felt so clueless!  I know that I am supposed to comment on an article....right?  I sign onto everyday and I think something is going to jump out at me and the lightbulb will go off!!! NO lightbulb... just stress!


Dr. Knobel sent me a wonderful article that relates directly to online affinity spaces, fanfiction, and Rebecca Black's article on I incorporated some of the ideas into my wiki and just wanted to share the article with all of you. It's really interesting because it shows you how beneficial participatory cultures can be on the children that we teach. It intrigues me more to try fanfiction writing in my classroom. I'm just not sure if the children I teach (3rd graders) are too young.

Here's the article:

Let me know what you think!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Does anyone know how to insert a picture into our wikis? I tried to copy and paste and that didn't work. Is there a specific way that I should be doing it?

Friday, October 10, 2008

Muck around with Voicethread

I've spent my morning explaining this very groovy Web 2.0 application: Voicethread. Basically, Voicethread lets you post images/videos etc. and you and other people can comment on your image or video. Your comment can be spoken or written, and you can even draw on still images! I'm really impressed with this application--which I learned of through Guy Merchant's work--and can see so many classroom uses for it. Students can use it to review and comment on each other's video and artwork, or create all kinds of interesting multi-perspectival narratives around an image. It's potential for exploring local and oral histories is wide open.

So, make sure you have a look at this and have a play around with it. You can use Fraps to record the Voicethread, too (if you're on a pc), and upload that into your final video....

Here's a nice introductory Voicethread to get you started.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Second Life

While going through the articles listed for our Wiki assignment, I thought the article regarding literature and the Second Life was astonishing. We are talking about a virtual world that is taken very seriously by those who are participants. To be able to log onto a computer and live a life as an Avatar takes society to a whole new level.

Should we be concerned that our ability to meet face to face may become extinct? Are our social skills eroding? This seems discerning, however there are definitely advantages to this new interaction. As is noted in the article by Laura Nicosia, "Adolescent Literature and Second Life: Teaching Young Adult Texts in the Digital World," the world of literature and the second life collide and find some great success.

It is amazing that Avatars can join together and create this great source of education. To be able to meet in the virtual world and share the works of Shakespeare and other great authors is an invaluable source of literacy education.

One issue I found intriguing, is the idea that these online/virtual classrooms can add as many seats as possible. The article makes the point that in the Real Life (RL), you would need to order new chairs and tables to accommodate new students. In the Second Life (SL) anyone can join and take part of the learning. Also, learning at home in your pajamas is an advantage as well as the ability to meet people from all ends of the earth. This brings different perspectives, which will in turn enrich our knowledge.

I find that the concept is going in the right direction, however, I have some issue with the middle school students joining the Second Life (SL). It just concerns me that our future leaders will have little social interaction. I think there is more time for development and with the interaction of teachers this may have a future in our schools.


I submitted my first Wiki on It was so much easier than I had originally thought it would be. For it I created a fanfic on in response to Rebecca Black's article. I wrote about how I explored the site and ultimately submitted the fanfic. I was amazed at the responses that I got right away. I've already received one review and several people have added my fanfic to their profiles or favorites list. If anyone is still stuck about what to do for the wikis I suggest trying out a fanfic!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Videotapes to CD's ????

Hey Guys,

I know I asked this question earlier, but I think there was some confusion on what I meant. If I have videotapes, I would need to change them into CD's in order to use some of the footage from the tapes in my video (splicing). Correct? Is this possible? Where would I go to do this?


Meme Talk

Hey Everyone,

I was finishing up our book and I wanted to briefly talk about memes. As defined in our book memes are “contagious patterns of cultural information that are passed on from mind to mind and directly shape and propagate key actions and mindsets of a social group (Lankshear & Knobel, 2006).” What I thought was interesting about memes is how they involve being an insider. Individuals will not understand a meme’s humor or purpose if they are an outsider.
Most memes are also spread through the internet or in affinity spaces. It is the idea of an interactive community sharing ideas and thoughts.

Some of the memes discussed in the book I thought were interesting. I particularly found the ‘Niki Sweatshop Shoe’ meme to be hysterically. I also really liked The Dog Poop Girl meme. I could not believe the woman was identified online and was forced to apologize. However, I found the Nevada meme to be very disturbing. Which ones did you like?

I realize it is important to understand the features of memes that make them successful. A meme is meant to be absurd and humorous. A meme can also have satiric humor and social commentary. There all types of memes that relate to different people. In order to be a lasting meme, the book stresses the importance of fidelity, fecundity, and longevity.

However, I think it is necessary to discuss how memes can be used in the classroom. The book argues that a meme is part of language and literacy. To further make this point literacy was remixed, similarly to how D/discourse was. The ‘small l’ in literacy is defined as the process of reading the meme or making a meme, which overall entails strong technical skills. The ‘big L’ in literacy is associated with the meaning of the meme and the social significance (Lankshear & Knobel, 2006). As with remixing, memes involve participation and the sharing of ideas. Would you have students view memes or participate in making memes to discuss a point?

Finally, in order to be able to use memes in a classroom the teacher needs to know how to use affinity spaces. It is important to be aware of viruses and scams. I agree it is also essential to explore the internet and take risks. I think by taking this class, we are gaining a better understanding of how to use new literacies in the classroom and what to be wary of.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

getting my sea-legs

I have my newlits user name and password, I am collecting my artifacts to make an effort to do this remix. I welcome any suggestions that you may have. I went to the newlits main page to experiment and simulate creating and posting a remix. I am trying to get ready for the November 1st. deadline.

Dr. Knobel 
Thanks for giving me a step by step way to remix on newlits.  However, I have no idea what I am supposed to be remixing?  I am so sorry if this is a cray question!  I must admit I am completely lost!  Is it okay if we talk about this in class on the 25th or is that too late?  I am trying so hard not to get frustrated, but I do feel the tears coming!
 Thanks for your help.

Another way to Remix (or "Remash" as they call it)

I came across this website that seems similar to You Tube with all of the different videos. Through this website once you register you can pull your favorite videos from Google or You Tube and edit them by picking only certain parts from each and putting them together into one video. Just a different way to remix. I thought it was pretty clever and plan to try it out. Maybe something to use for our final projects! Here's the link:

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Question about Youtube

Does anyone know if it is possible to use only the music off of a youtube video without showing the video itself? I'd love to use the music of a video I found but would like to show it with my own pictures. If anyone has any hints please let me know! Thanks!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


I need help converting the song that I'm using for my movie to an mp3. I am able to play the song in Itunes and on my computer just like all my other music, but for some reason it's not the same type of file as most of my other music.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

HIP HIP HOORAY!! Madison Has Made it to WIKI!!!

Hello Ladies of Digital Satur-daze!!!!!!!

First and foremost, I am so glad "WE" made it this far, yet it is still very early, but compared to DAY 1, we as a class are truly making strides and genuinely supporting each other.

Yes, ladies I have finally made it to wiki, now it is time to REMIX!!.. LOL ...

I always look forward to you ladies support and comments.

Photoshop Remixes

I was reading the article on Digital Remixing and decided to check out some of the websites in the article. is a photoshopping remix website. This site has some really cool pictures on it. There is a section on hybrid produce in which people combine 2 pictures of fruits or vegetables and make a new one. Some of these "new fruits" look really amazing and so natural you could almost believe they are real. And they look really appetizing - like the melonana (watermelon + banana). It's amazing how creative people can be!!! They also have contests and people can judge which photoshop pictures are the best. Here's the link for this specific section on their website: