Thursday, October 23, 2008

I do apologize Ladies you know I am just finishing chapters 1-3 honestly. It was a challenge for me to understand the jargon of this txt. I am requesting that you all give me some clarity and insights to my thoughts about the readings. In Chpt 1 - I realize Literacy has shifted from the txt books too digital. In other words, people are learning reading and writing with the computer rather than early on literacy readiness. What is PEDAGOGY?Literacy is considered "NEW"
There are 3 dimensions of learning and practice the operational dimensions is the language aspect of literacy along with competence tools, procedures and techniques. What is the relevance? The cultural dimension involves competence with the meaning of social practices. I guess it means knowing the rightand wrong time of reading and writing and critical dimension they include values, purposes, rules, standards and perspectives and exclude others. i feel like I'm not that socialized in the "new" literacy very well to be able to make the connection of the language to the digital. I understand Discourses means the ways we communicate in various places through digital. Am I right???I am learning to get aqauinted or digital friendly to the internet, wiki not quite and searching the net for theses class.What is ontological? is it new lietracies, new stuff, nature of what? I see I can use by texting, images, sounds and movies and so on. What about it?

chpt 2- What is mindset 1 and 2 What is the difference??????Can you explain how many bites should I have on my cell phone or computer PC? Also what is the necessity of bites?I realize cyberspace is anything too do wityh the internet. what is book space? I realized tonite I can go to some of these web addresses to get pics, voice thread, animation "fanfic". i have gone to soome sights just need to know how to remix and movie make. i believe I have to learn how to multitask on the net and bring it all together to create what I want.

Chpt 3- what is encoded text?Podcasting is recording a person a song etc but i got confuse abt how to store the files?????? how do iremix? am i blogging my info abt a weblog or sit? i.e. rebecca black? what is new ethos? not qite clear..

Pray for me as I read chpt 4 & 5 on friday. i will have questions ready on sat. thanks dn't kill me. lol

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