Monday, October 6, 2008

Videotapes to CD's ????

Hey Guys,

I know I asked this question earlier, but I think there was some confusion on what I meant. If I have videotapes, I would need to change them into CD's in order to use some of the footage from the tapes in my video (splicing). Correct? Is this possible? Where would I go to do this?



Lindsay Zweibel said...

Hey Nnacy,

Are you referring to old home videos that require a vcr? If so, I am not sure how to transfer them, however, I know it is a process that requires you to have certain equipment. There are places that actually do the transfer for you. Sorry this doesn't help too much, maybe someone else knows otherwise, but I know in the past I've researched it a little and came to this conclusion.

Nancy said...

Thanks, Lindsay. Yes, I am hoping there is someplace in my town that does it or I am going to hunt somebody down with the equipment. =)

Colin and/or Michele said...

Actually, I think the ADP Center on the ground floor of University Hall has the machines you need for for analogue to digital video conversion. Call them up or pop in and see them--they're incredibly helpful!

Colin and/or Michele said...
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