Friday, October 10, 2008

Muck around with Voicethread

I've spent my morning explaining this very groovy Web 2.0 application: Voicethread. Basically, Voicethread lets you post images/videos etc. and you and other people can comment on your image or video. Your comment can be spoken or written, and you can even draw on still images! I'm really impressed with this application--which I learned of through Guy Merchant's work--and can see so many classroom uses for it. Students can use it to review and comment on each other's video and artwork, or create all kinds of interesting multi-perspectival narratives around an image. It's potential for exploring local and oral histories is wide open.

So, make sure you have a look at this and have a play around with it. You can use Fraps to record the Voicethread, too (if you're on a pc), and upload that into your final video....

Here's a nice introductory Voicethread to get you started.


Phylissa said...

Wow! Voicethread is pretty cool. All of the sites that you tell us about are very interesting. Before you know it, you have been messing around on one website for an hour. I think my students could use voicethread for a project to describe themselves. I wish I had the time to do stuff like this with my students.

Dana said...

Voicethread was very interesting to me. I think my children will enjoy voice thread b/c they already enjoy hearing their own sounds through the audio taping. Thank you for tip