Monday, October 27, 2008

Wiki Assignment #1

I read, "As I see it- intergrating viewing across the curriculum." from the web site. It was quite interesting to find out how children may view images and photographs in their curriculum. Children may need the teacher to present some affective tools to help facilitate children's learning and analytical understanding of a image. For example, in this wiki there was a man who was posing with a mask around his face, his left leg was out strecthed and his right leg was stretched out in back of him, he had a colorful boutique of flowers and his left hand was pointing out as if he was going to throw the flowers at something in an aggressive stance. This showed us the visual literacy in cross-curriculum contexts.The compositional image lets us believe that the image of this man being angry or aggressive can be factual because throwing colorful flowers doesn't fit our contextual and cultural knowledge to understand what meaning this visual may bring. Lastly, the critical reading of this image allows us to question the integrity of the artist and the furtherance of the place of street art in our culture and so on? I liked the guided view that the teacher could add the five sense approach to help navigate/facilitate the children's visual, auditory and kinestitic learning with the questions asked. I would use the same approach or add classsical music to the australian parliament painting and forest/jungle music so my 4year old children can identify with this lesson. There were a few grammatical errors. However, I can somewhat visualize the guided viewing: context and empathy "The Arrival!" I lived in Jersey City all of life and my family and I every year rode of the ferry to visit Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. It is Beautiful in both places to see the pictures at the museum of the immigrants. History still speaks through pictures and field trips for my children to be able to make actual connections to past times. I could allow my children to paint pictures on the computer to make their own painting so that they would be able to describe their artwork. I could google the artist name and print picture out to allow the children to cut and paste and learn to write about the author providing short background information. Then given their reaction to the topic. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK ABOUT THIS? Also, How do I edit this wiki online. I can't fing edit like I did on saturday?

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