Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Quick Question

Hello Everyone!

I have to say those two videos, "The French Democracy” and Konoha Memory Book are very good. I am feeling a little nervous! I think we should have effort as part of our criteria. Anyhow, my question is regarding a last minute touch I might add to my video. I was mucking around with, which was fun but time consuming. I was wondering if there is a way you should save this file. I do not think it works in Movie Makers even if you save it as a wmv. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts.


PS I hope nobody is FREAKING OUT yet! (I am...a little) =)


Jessica Cavaleri said...

Hi Nancy,
I actually added an animation from to my video, but you're right you can't save it. I used CamStudio to record my computer screen as I played my animation. Then, I was able to import it into Movie Maker. And I agree with you about the effort because I've had so many problems with my video and it looks nothing like the two samples!

Anonymous said...

are you ladies submitted two videos one for dec 6 and dec 13??

Jessica Cavaleri said...

Nope only one..I think only our journal is due on Dec. 6.

Nancy said...

Hey Jessica,

Thank you! If time permits, I am going to try and add the clip. Hopefully it will work out.