Thursday, December 4, 2008


In Chapter 7, memes are described as living structures within the brain. There have been many debates whether or not memes are real or just conceptual. I tend to agree with the sociological point of view - that we are influenced by family, friends, school, government, etc. I believe our interactions with all of these factors affects our decision making and the spread of ideas. I find it difficult to believe that there may be a "meme gene" that causes us to spread ideas. I think trying to find a scientifically based reason for something that seems inexplicable sounds great in theory. So I was wondering which perspective people choose to agree with with regards to memes (biological, psychological, or sociological)??

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Anonymous said...

Hi Christina Great Post,

When I first saw the MEMES the back in September I said what is the word ME ME's. But as we grew a class, and just simply looked on the front cover and saw the pronuciation. I laughed.

But back to your question, when i think if Memes I think of defintion or being relative to a psychological aspect, bc it defintions defines it being transfered from "mind to mind" it then goes to say that "each person has their own nueral network" pg 211

Yet as it goes onto breaking down the characterics of memes, such as fidelity,fecundity, and longevity, it remind of sort of the id, ego and supergo, so perhaps I can see in memes in a pshycological sense too.