Sunday, November 30, 2008

2 more papers to write

I know we are all busy but I spent some time reading through the Syllabus, particularly the "Identity Video Project", pages 12-14.
I must have not read through this thoroughly before, but under "Digital Video Project Assessment Criteria" (e & f) I see, basically, two more papers to write.
Truthfully, I don't remember Dr. Knobel mentioning these at any of the classes.

I am assuming, generally a bad thing to do, that they are due on the 13th with the CD or DVD of our movie. I suppose another option would be to email them to Dr. Knobel by that date.

I know there have been changes made to the syllabus (ie: 2 remixes instead of 4), but I don't remember hearing about any.

Please advise, particularly since the due date is looming.


Jessica Cavaleri said...

I remember reading about one paper that needs to be written about how our video project addresses the literacy standards. I think it only has to be 1-2 pages. I'm not sure abou the other one. I'll have to read over the syllabus.

Jessica Cavaleri said...

I just read the syllabus and you are right. It says a one page synopsis on how the video pertains to some aspect of your identity and a 2-3 page analysis and discussion about how it meets the literacy standards. Under the one page synopsis it says that it needs a bibliography, but I'm not sure where that should be coming from??

Christy said...

I also just read the syllabus, and I believe that the bibliography should include sources that prove how we expressed our identity. For example, I am going to find academic text that supports my use of the different programs. Also I am going to research "identity in a digital world" and find support for using new technologies to share our ideas and our views of ourselves with others.