Monday, November 10, 2008

Converting MPEG to WAV..HELP!!!!

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is doing well and not stressing out too much. I have a question. I need to convert a mpeg to a wav. I tried to google a free converter, however, the websites I am getting are not good. I tried using AVS4you at and MediCoder at They do not work! AVS4you will convert the file, but will leave a watermark banner unless you buy the software. MediCoder just brings you to sites where you can buy software. Does anyone have a reliable site where I can download a converter for free?



Jessica Cavaleri said...

I've used and it seems to work pretty well. There's also I hope they work for you!

Colin and/or Michele said...

Nancy, did you try yet?

madison said...

Nancy you keep me laughing..all the time..Yes we are still and furthermore will be stressing out and loving it at the same time.

Jessica Cavaleri said...

I'm an idiot..the websites I sent you aren't for converting! I just realized I told you the wrong ones..sorry! is the way to go!

Nancy said...

Thank you! I tried, but my files are too big. Any suggestions? Should I just buy the software?

Cindy Figgs said...

Hi Nancy,
I found this website, Ojosoft. It even has a demo video on how the conversion is done and most importantly it states that its FREE! lol
check and see if it works, let me know!! Good Luck Sweets!!