Sunday, November 2, 2008

You Tube

You Tube never stops amazing me! I went on You Tube to search for short clips to put in my final video. I came across this video which was actually used by a man to propose to his wife. I thought it was so cute and wanted to share it with you guys! He also created a sequal to the video about how they decided to send their invitations out. I just thought it was really clever!


Cindy Figgs said...

That video was awesome. Definitely a unique and unforgettable way to propose. =)

Lindsay Zweibel said...

You Tube is really amazing. Can you believe how the common person is able to share their own ideas and emotions through a simple video posting. My boyfriend has a friend from college who posted her first dance from her wedding on You Tube. He was not invited to the wedding but was able to share in her happiness. This is an unbelievable tool.