Monday, November 3, 2008

I read Chapter 4, New Literacies as Remix. I came across this website, www.Adbusters.Org

I was fascinated and in shock at the same time how this company can create spoofs on big powerful money making companies, such Bennetton, page 132. That's what I call Freedom Of Speech!

I went on the website and explored different topics. The website also has blogs which I found to be very interesting. I came across this page and found it to be hysterical as I could relate. I have a FaceBook account and yes I created an image for myself. And I think up clever quotes so that others can see it and maybe giggle a little. And I pick out the better pictures to post so that I always look good. lol (this means laughing out loud for those that may not know). It's funny becasue we all do it. We create an image for ourselves online, a virtual image, that we want to be. The internet is a powerful tool that can create another life a virtual one. To me its fun and a way to keep in touch with my friends, especially now that I have no life as my life consists of school, work, lots of eating (because of stress) and little sleeping (because of stress), lol. I try to get in other activities but its difficult. Having access to the internet and being in the safety net of your own home is easy and you can see what your friends are up to without moving out of your seat or speaking a word. Awesome!!

Ok I'm rambling, back to the website , this company was worrying people in high places. Any company having something to say about the US economic, military or foreign police in these times, specifically after 9-11 was in risk to getting spoofed by them. Which meant a negative ad and losing money. As you will see, Adbusters is just one of many companies to spoof big powerful money making companies. As thier spoofs are posted on billboards everywhere for example, in the middle of Times Square. Its all part of the wonderful world of literacy. Adbusters is just another example how conveying messages anyway possible through writing, pictures, internet, etc... to get a message across and get people to participate in the technological world. Hey it works!

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