Saturday, November 15, 2008

6 Trait Writing Program Con't

     Dr. Knobel had commented about this program wondering if this is operating out of mindset 1 or mindset 2.  To refresh our memories, in chapter 2 of New Literacies Barlow distinguishes between the two mindsets.  He refers to people who have been born into the cyberspace world and those who come to this new world from a different standpoint.  More specifically, mindset 1 are the "newcomers" or "immigrants" and mindset 2 are the "natives" or "insiders."  
     I believe this program is operating out of mindset 2.  For example, when the students open their new assignment and enter their sloppy copy, they open a window that is very similar to Word.  Now the students know exactly how to get around this window that just opened.  They can copy and paste, open a drop down graphic organizer, and change the font.  The students jumped right into their introduction paragraph.  This essay, so far, has been a pleasure to teach.  The students did not just sit there saying, "I don't know what to write" or "What should I say next?" This was the fastest I have ever seen the introduction and body paragraphs completed.  Also, the students said they prefer to type the essay rather than hand write it first.
My students are all examples of the mindset 2.  I believe that is why this computer writing program was a comforting program for them and they never complained about writing another essay.  I also noticed that my students were automatically rereading their work.  They hardly ever reread what they handwrite, but every time they stopped typing, they reread their last sentence or two.  They were more aware of their writing.  
     Our next step is to move from the sloppy copy to the final draft.  Details to follow.   

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