Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hello, hope everyone is doing fantabulastic!! =)

I have a question that I hope someone knows the answer too. Im having trouble loading the page. For some reason its not loading the page. Is anyone else having a problem loading and viewing the page? I would love to see all the new changes that were made to the site, but unfortunately my laptop is not loading the page so I cannot until I figure out what the issue is! Thanks so much!!


Phylissa said...

I just tried and I was able to get in and see all of the different pages. Just wanted to let you know
Good Luck

Anonymous said...

fantabulasitc!! LOL I love that word.

Well Dr. Knobel had once threw out, sometimes the wiki are busy so you can check to see the wiki posted. On the main page of the wiki, scroll down to the bottom of the left side and you will see "special pages". Second, scroll down to "new pages". it may have posted. Also while i was trying to upload there was an error message, it asked " do you wish to upload anyway" i chose yes and the post save successfully.

I hope this helps. Gook Luck Ms. Fantabulastic"

Colin and/or Michele said...

Madison--what excelent advice! Cindy actually found it was a browser issue, for some reason. she downloaded and installed firfox and used that to access to the internet and loaded just fine. My advice to you all is to make sure that on your own computers you have at least two internet browsers installed (e.g., internet explorer, safari, firefox etc.). That way you can experiment to see if something that's not loading in one browser might load in another.