Tuesday, September 23, 2008

a few questions about the Theory-and-learning journal

Hello again,
Just a few questions about the journal.  Does anyone know about how long each of our journal entries should be?  Also, is there a certain number of entries we should have?  Thanks!


Jessica Cavaleri said...

I'm not sure but all of my entries are different lengths. Also, I've been writing mine very casually and I think I'm not doing it write. What is yours looking like so far?

Carey said...

It sounds like were doing about the same thing. It is casual, and for the most part contains something about a reading or technical issue in each post so far. The posts are not very long though, just enough to get across the most important information and thoughts that I have found.

Colin and/or Michele said...

Yes to everything--your blog posts are going to be causal and connected to your readings mroe somtimes than others, connected to technical stuff mroe sometimes than others, and connected to cool things you're finding on line mroe soetimes than others. The same holds for your journal. You should be using it to document your responses to the readings (going well beyond "I liked it" etc.), the technical stuff you're learning, and your considerations of what all this means for classrooms. So, sounds to me like you're all doing a fab job! And remember, if you're feeling doubtful about your journal, you can email it to me for feedback.