Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Morris Tech recruiting eight-graders for academies

Hi Guys,

I read an article in the Record praising the drive that Morris Tech is effecting to recruit eight-graders in specialized curriculum geared towards the students interest, the curriculum is designed to prepare student for the rigors of college and future carriers, student may select select from different academies such as networking, health care sciences, law enforcement, the academy for mathematics and engineering. In every case students may chose from the programs being offered to orient themselves towards a career or attend a good college. I think academies are a good way to keep the dropout rate down. I think Morris Tech is doing a good job by offering a broad range of disciplines that will be a magnet to most students. If you know any student in the Morris county area, you may give them inform them about this program. For more information call the Morris County School of Technology at 973-627-4600 or visit the school's website: www. mcvts.org. I hope this information may be helpful to some high school students.

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