Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Lesson!

I just wanted to say that today lesson, for me, was very eye-opening. Through our discussions, certain things started to make more sense to me than they ever did before. For example, I now have a clearer understanding between web 1.0 and 2.0. Web 1.0 has to be paid for and the material needs to be published whereas 2.0 is a "open source" where people share their thoughts and ideas. Web 2.0 is also a free page.

I also have a better understanding about machinima. The characters are like puppets. Something to think about for my finally project. Speaking of my fiinal project, I loved having the opportunity to work on the computer on the movie web sight and start to muck around. It gave me more confidence in dealing with my project. That is all I have been thinking about today.

Something else I learned today is that on the internet, there is "no truth" unless some can prove it. This I do understand, but what a tough concept to teach our children. Even a person's identity is not real on the internet. You can become anyone you wish to be on a computer. In some ways I guess it can be helpful. But in others ways it hurts people to feel like they are being lied to.

Finally, I believe I have to start watching "LOST" and "24". These are two programs I have never seen, however after our discussion today, they sound like they would be worth watching.



Jessica Cavaleri said...

I totally agree. The lesson taught me a lot and now I feel more confident in exploring and navigating my way around the various programs. I also spent all day yesterday thinking about my final project. There seems to be an endless amount of possibilities with Web 2.0 and I'm excited to work through them!

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies!! I could of never agree more. The second class was clearer than the first. We were able to speak in groups and really listen to what everyone had to say. I am still learning "MAC" an not the "Make up". I am now excited about the class. The smaller is very effecient. Everyone was sharing their thoughts and love it!! I was looking around the classroom a few times and I saw everyone helping each other. I was jus smiling.. This is definetly a course where TEAMWORK is appreciated. Second to Debbie, yes Machinima and animation is becoming more understanding and their purpose towrard "Education". I had fun exploring photobook i kept taking the same picture until cindy and nancy said "madison you are taking the same picture because its a countdown" 3-2-1 then smile. finally the picture came out and of course it was TIME TO GO.