Sunday, September 21, 2008

Thoughts and questions about our final project.

With my reading this week, I have been thinking about our final video project quite a bit. I was thinking of running a song for the entire length of my video. Does anyone have a thought if this would be alright, or does the professor want us to speak during the video? If I remember correctly, the video we saw in class did not have anyone announcing or commenting on it. The song I am thinking about using has some terrific lyrics that I think I can use without interruption.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debby,

I think that would be great idea...the video we watch in our last class had music playing and it was relevant to the "artist". I sqy "go for it". Now how to actually add the "music" you are asking the wrong i am still researching on the how to do the actually video and other imagery sites.

Also on a second note, I would ask Dr. Knobel on her advisement...she has the final say so....
good luck "debbie sweet cakes"

Jessica Cavaleri said...

That's exactly what I was planning on doing with my video. I have a song that I was going to play in the background the whole time.

Carey said...

I was also thinking about doing something similar, I have a few songs in mind so depending what I decide to do my project on I will go from there. I think it will add a lot to the project and make it even more personalized.

Laurence said...

If you remember the music affected everyone who watched the video. It added lots of emotion. I think songs are stronger than words sometimes. Were you thinking background "music" or something with lyrics?
Do you have a song you are thinking of in particular?

Laurence said...

OK, I just re-read your post. If the lyrics are powerful than I'd say go for it. It sounds as if you've found something that expresses your message.
That's awesome!

Colin and/or Michele said...

Exactly--the whole crux of adding a soundtrack to your video is that it has to be meaningful. I'm not going to pronounce on whether you also need to add a spoken soundtrack to your video (speaking in general to everyone here) because it really depends on your video--what's in it, what meanings and emotions you're wanting to convey, along with the quality of synching between soundtrack(s) and the video itself etc. That being said, a key part of this course is all about taking risks. Making a video accompanied by sound and speech etc. is technically trickier than using a single song... I do expect you all to muck around with recording voice and sound effects a la Chris Shamburg's podcasting guide on the wiki ( It doesn't have to be anything sophisticated, but I do want to see evidence in your journals that you've given it a go.

So, it's good to be thinking about your final project now--but it's actually more important at this stage to be experimenting as much as you can with as much stuff as you can possible find.