Tuesday, September 23, 2008

YouTube making people famous...

Hi Everyone,
I was thinking about a post that would be fun for everyone and the first thing that came to mind were a few of my favorite (and probably millions of other peoples) YouTube videos.  I was just going to post the videos with this little blurb.  I went to YouTube to find the videos and found another video to add.... if anyone has ever seen the "Charlie Bit Me" video, then you will be interested to see that Charlie and his family have become mini celebrities.  Not only has the video been viewed over 50 million times, but Charlie and his family were also featured as guests on a British talk show... I have linked the original video along with the video of him on the talk show.  Interesting what family videos can become! Enjoy : )

Original Video: Charlie Bit Me

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Colin and/or Michele said...

Oh--fab post! And this kind of phenomenon ties in so nicely with the chapter in your textbook on memes, too! Nice foreshadowing, Carey!