Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Some Words of "Wisdom" + a pretty cool video

Hi everyone.  During my last semester finishing my Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Central Connecticut State University, (this past May 2008), I took a course entitled Victorian Short Fiction.  Being an English major, I went into the course thinking it was going to be just like any other high level English course I had taken.  I was wrong.  When my professor handed out the syllabus, there were multiple assignments which included blogging, use of a class Wiki, and many other interactive projects that were due for each class.  It was definitely overwhelming at first and seemed somewhat impossible (possibly similar to what Saturdays class felt for some of us).  As the class went on and we all got used to the interactive nature of the course even accompanied by Victorian Short Fiction, it proved to be actually fun and a definite learning experience for everyone.  I am hoping that this class will have a similar feel once we really start getting into things.
One thing that my professor showed us in talking about technology and how it is constantly advancing with input of everyone in the world is a few YouTube videos that show the development of a few Wikipedia pages.  I actually couldn't find the exact one that I wanted (waiting for an email response from my professor) but I found one for now which is similar to the idea.  The idea is to show how a wiki page can be rapidly updated by all different users which is something we know, but it is interesting to see it actually played out.  Once I get the video I wanted I will post that link : )

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