Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Remix: The Art and Craft of Endless Hybridization

After reading this article, I am now aware of the many different types of remixes. I had never considered photoshopping to be a type of "remix". It always seemed much simpler than that to me and I now see that remixes do not always have to be complex. I also agree with Lessig (2005) when he says that culture as a whole can be construed as remix. I had never looked at our culture from that perspective.

In the section that talked about AMV production, the three key components involved in making good-quality AMV (synch, concept, and effects) stood out to me in terms of the movie that I will be working on and creating this semester. Before jumping right into the movie project, I now understand how important it is to plan everything out in order to allow the connection to be made between the actual movie and those who are viewing it.

As far as teaching our students, I think that Gee (2007) said it perfectly when he said that many of the tools young people increasingly have access to today are "smart tools" that have knowledge built into them in ways that enable them to "collaborate" with the tool user to do complex things that the user either cound not do alone or could not do as effectively. It is truly amazing how a young child can figure out the most complex tools when it has to do with technology. Children today are more likely to have the ability to teach their teachers about many of the new technologies than vice versa. That's why I think it is so important for teachers to keep up to date with the new technologies in the world, which I am already struggling with.

Along with the many ideas and "a-ha" moments that came to me after reading this article were the number of websites that were offered in order to allow us to continue exploring.


Debby said...

Hey Jessica,

After reading your blog, I started thinking about the class I took with Dr. Dana last year. We discussed the difference between young peoples abilities to work so easily with technology when for some of the older generation (48 years old) it is a struggle. She was speaking about how young people use a different part of their brain to learn, then someone older like me. If I remember correctly, the young people use more of the front of the brain than the older generation. And of course, the theory that young people learn in a rhizomatic fashion (like a computer) and the older people learn in a straight line. These thoughts suggest to me, when your playing with a different tool (parts of the brain) your playing a "whole new game in a whole new way." As a mom and a teacher, I have tried to stay one step a ahead of my kids and I now know, my son, 21 years
old and my daughter, 17 years old are way past me. Very frustrating! However, they are on the computer so much more than I would ever have the time for. "Practice makes perfect!"

Nancy said...

Hey Jessica,
I never thought of our culture as a remix until after reading the article as well. I think the article brings up many great points and offers numerous ways of remixing. I think this article correlates well with Chapter 4 in our book.

Through both readings, I found fanfiction to be one of the most interesting types of remixing. I think it is amazing how involved kids are with particular shows, movies or books that they want to write stories based on the characters. Through using fanfiction children are able to practice creative writing, while understanding important literacy concepts, such as character and plot development. I do not understand why fanfiction is not used more in classrooms.

I was also unaware of the different types of fanfiction, such as ‘in-cannon
writing’, ‘alternative universe stories’, ‘cross-overs’, ‘relationshipper', and ‘self-insert’ fanfic. There is manga-anima fanfic as well. This involves using comics and animation. Some popular themes and topics in manga and anime are listed on page 119 in our book. I feel writers have so many choices and different ways to express themselves using remixing.

I definitely found the websites offered to be useful.