Wednesday, September 17, 2008

goggle earth

Hey all
I tried to check out "external links" on Blackboard for our last class.  I could not find it.  Well, I tried again tonight and low and behold... it was right in front of my eyes!!!  I was looking for this link as soon as I got onto Blackboard, but tonight I realized this link was on the left hand side after clicking into "course documents."  
So, I took a closer look at google earth.  I have only used google earth to see my house - cool, but boring.  I just watched two short videos completed using google earth.  The first one showed herds of different animals all over different countries.  The second one showed NYC.  I really enjoyed the second video.  Great music and and a touching look at Ground Zero.  Check it out on "external links" on Blackboard.

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