Sunday, September 28, 2008

"You wouldn't go in Barnes & Noble and take a book off of the shelf without paying".....

Hi Ladies that quote came from the readings of "Piracy and Pirates"

What is Piracy? " the using of creative property of others without permission"
Who are the Pirates " the flee(ers)

Are we as americans gulity?

Yes Yes Yes. and not only americans its nationwide, including Asia and Eastern Europe.

According the ariticles, piracy is happening EVERYDAY. It is most common in film, records, radio, and cable tv.

Just a little history: Thomas Edison fromed The Motions Pictures Patents Company, "MPPC"; to mininize the using others work or property without permission. So as a result "users" assume the right were only in USA, and went outside of the country to monopilze. "The pirates"

Here are some examples:


Independent film makers (the napsters of film)

Independent film makers confiscated unliscenced equipment to produced unliscence films


In 1909 (wow) Congress amended a Copyright act; companies were free to distribute copies of recording so ling as they paid the composers or copyright holders.


When a radio stations plays a record on the air "public perfomance" of the composer work. the radio station owes the composer .

In other words everytime you be-bopping to your favorite tune in the radio in your car, that artist may be making millions. unless they are not the orginal artist, otherwise "REMIXEDDDDDD"


Cable is fairly "New" When the cable entrepreners first began wiring communities with cable in 1948, most refused to pay brocasters espeically local tv stations (CATV).

In finalle, Pirates and Piracy happend then and it still happening now. think about if you have purchased a second dvd, cd, pocketbook, parfume, i can continue on and on but i wont. I am beginning to feel GUILTY?

Are you GUILTY????



Debby said...

As the article said, we "ARE" all guilty at one time or another. Our final project puts us in a position to use someone's else music without getting the proper authorization. Even though the project is not intented to make money, things have a way of getting places we may not have planned them to go.

Jessica Cavaleri said...

We are guilty! After reading the article I realized how many things I am guilty for that. Downloading music is probably the worst although it's not bad if you pay for them through I-tunes right?

Phylissa said...

Yep! I only use itunes now. I was a bit nervous when I used to download music for free. Now I always pay

Colin and/or Michele said...

Debby--exactly, which is why I've also directed you to sites like ccMixter etc. that *are* opening to being remixing (with proper attribution etc.)

Colin and/or Michele said...

And what does all this mean for teachers, though?

Nancy said...

I think it puts teachers in a difficult spot to implement new ways of learning in their classroom. Most school districts stress the use of citation and have harsh penalties for plagiarism. Although piracy is not exactly the same as plagiarism, I think they are similar in the sense that they both use someone’s work without permission or without recognizing the individual for their work. Therefore, I don’t see teachers eager to try new literacies in the classroom, such as remixing. The idea of remixing is using another individual’s work, but making it your own. When people remix they do not receive permission or compensate the original author to use his/her characters, phrases, or songs. They simply write a disclaimer stating they are aware they have no copyright claims to the original character. Is this acceptable for schools?