Sunday, September 21, 2008

NewLits remix

OK, now I need help.
I created a user on NewLits's Wiki. I wrote a "test" page, which I saw.
Then I tried to figure out how to "remix" Chris Shamburg's Wiki....and I can't figure it out.
I swear I used to know a good amount about technology.
My tech-logic is just not working right now and I feel as if I am lost in techno-limbo.
Has anyone done that assignment yet. If so, what step am I missing?
I'm done messing with it for tonight. I'm leaving it till tuesday. I'll let you know if I figure something out.
I do feel a bit stressed since I feel that "experts" will be looking at it and I don't want to destroy someone else's entry (ie: the expert)!!! No Pressure!


Colin and/or Michele said...

Excellent going, Laurence! Re remixing Chris' page--you're going to have to copy and paste his texts etc. You can't actually modify his text as it appears in the wiki. This means you can't wreak havoc on his text either so can relax about doing damage (smile).

Did you work through the "Getting started" tutorials first?

chris said...

Tell me where you're stuck...I can email you and/or clarify the wiki if need be.

Chris Shamburg

cshamburg AT gmail DOT com

Jessica Cavaleri said...

I'm having some trouble figuring out how to create a wiki and what exactly is required of us. I went through the tutorial, but am not sure what we exactly have to do. How are we supposed to be forming a bibliography? Or do we not need one?

Laurence said...

The sad thing is that I watched the tutorial and I appreciate you (Chris, OMG I feel like I'm blogging with a movie star!!) trying to help but I don't even know what I need help with.

I think I need to play around and push buttons?!? I thought I was editing text but it didn't appear anywhere (as text or a link) on the Wiki!

Colin and/or Michele said...

Ooooh--Chris!! how lovely of you to drop by!!

I'm about to link to some more "getting started" videos that Molly Starc has created for us--maybe these will help.

Laurence, are you saving your changes when you edit your text? Remember you can't change the actual text of the main papers posted to the wiki.

If you create a page, you also have to make sure you create a link to it from an existing wiki page (e.g., the remix page at:

If you have a look right at the bottom of this page, I recently added the "Free software and online resources" link. First I created a page with this name, then I edited the remix list page to link to the page I'd created. the thing to remember is to write down the name of the page your create (this is the title you give it) and then use that in your link--you need to sue the exact same wording).

If it still proves too frustrating, we can make this the focus of our October class.

Jessica, your wiki task is outlined in your syllabus. Have a another read through of it and if you're still not sure what's being asked of you, we can chat about it.