Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lets Remix Ladies

If you could "Remix" a popular movie and/or famous story what would it be??? Share your thoughts.

Zeffirellis 1968 Romeo and Juliet Death Scene Enjoy!!!!What you u like to REMIX?

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madison said...

Hello ladies...After reading Remix: The Art of and Craft of Endless Hubridization.. it had my mind jogging.or should i say "BLOGGING"

"Remix means to take cultural artifacts and combine and manipulate them into new kinds of creative blend", according to the article. So I ask... If you could REMIX a famous movie or story pertaining to literature of course what would it be.

My answer... I would love to REMIX Romeo and Juliet. It was definetly a realist love story, tragedy, i should say. But rather the love birds die at the end, I would have both drink the poison but right before Juliet finds her "happy dagger" romeo arises and says "Will You MArry Me. I tried to add the actual clip of you tube but i dont know how maybe someone can help. but i did paste the link.