Sunday, September 7, 2008

Things to do, places to go in "Seond Life"

Well done, everyone, on getting yourselves up and running (and flying!) in Second Life yesterday!

Here's some resources you might find useful as you explore this virtual world.

Making movies in Second Life

Public access places within Second Life you can visit (use the search function in your SL client to locate and teleport to these locations):
• Help Island
• New Citizen’s Plaza
• Laguna Beach
• Frisch (coordinates: 186,160,68)
• Paris 1900
• ABC Island
• Leda (cordinates: 210, 28, 54) (free stuff available in Yadni’s Junkyard)
• Caledon (Victorian themed)
• Roma
• The Sistine Chapel, on Vassar Island:
• Alliance Second Life Library
• Edgar Allen Poe:

Role-playing areas (compiled by Gary Hayes,
• Sigil - Wild west roleplaying at Sigil (141,137,28)
• Star Trek - RolePlay meeting area at Yulmu (213,72,79). Main RP area at Galaxy (165,89,103)
• Crimson Empire at Baji (45,93,108) - a strict vampire RP area, well set up (good character descriptions), good for groups of acting students.
• Star Wars - A wide range of (mostly scheduled, join the various SW groups) RP groups across several sims and builds. Main headquarters at Starfleet Sector001 (62,193,21).
• Roleplay alley - Alston (196,11,501) - very poor design, a mix of spaces, good for groups to go cause hardly anyone around most of the time...
• Elbow Room - Mare (104,44) - always folk around, bar atmosphere, more social than rp, but many do the "Cheers" thing (personal RP)
• Phasma (47,217,138)

Places to visit hosted by universities (compiled by Nicholas Papamarkos)

Bowling Green State University -

Drexel University -

Harvard University -

Minnesota State Colleges and Universities -

Montclair State University -

Northern Illinois University -

Ohio University -

Pennsylvania State University -

San Diego State University -

Stanford University -

University of Cincinnati -

University of Texas Dallas - & external link:

Vassar College -

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